Run Across Congo Congo Marathon

Congo Marathon

Congo Marathon

Congo Marathon is a running event in the heart of Africa. It offers participants an unforgettable marathon experience in the heart of Kinshasa (Kin La Belle). Runners will enjoy the humid tropical climate and vibrant suburbs while running along the beautiful scenery along the south bank of the second largest river in Africa. The race features races from Full Marathon of 42,195 km to Half Marathon and Fun Run.

The event was organised by MONUC with the aim of encouraging the different communities in the country to build dialogue towards peace and give hope for the future. In addition to the marathon, a series of activities was organised throughout the country, including conferences and discussions, official ceremonies and prizegivings, and walks for peace. Local authorities, leaders of various communities, representatives of women’s associations and young people’s organisations all took part.

Amnesty International has highlighted the need to raise awareness of the conflict in eastern Congo, where hundreds of thousands have died in three years of violence that triggered one of Africa’s worst humanitarian crises. Among those who have been raising awareness is indefatigable London-based marathon runner Chris Jackson, who will today complete the last of 12 consecutive marathons this year for his ‘12 x 12 Challenge’ in an effort to bring attention to the conflict.

Organizers of the marathon have said they will work to ensure the safety and security of all runners and other participants. In order to do this, they have enlisted the help of various organisations, including the Congolese army, to provide medical and security services. In addition, the organisation is providing free water stations at every kilometre. It also has a number of escorts to protect runners, and has prohibited people from taking their own vehicles to the starting area. Athletes are asked to register at the venue on the day of the race, where they will be provided with a safety vest and bib number.