Run Across Congo Meet with Warren

Meet with Warren

About Warren Wilde

Warren Wilde is an adventurer and explorer who has dedicated his life to conquering the wilderness and pushing himself to the limit. He is currently working at Run Across Congo, a non-profit organization that helps runners prepare for and complete arduous races in remote and dangerous parts of Africa.

Born in rural Colorado, Warren has always had a passion for the outdoors. From an early age, he took part in all sorts of outdoor activities; hiking, camping, fishing, and more were all part of his childhood. His parents instilled a sense of adventure in him that he carried with him into adulthood. After graduating from high school, Warren pursued higher education while also taking on various odd jobs related to the outdoors.

Eventually, Warren decided to take his ambitious spirit further by traveling around the world. He worked odd jobs as he went along, allowing him to experience different cultures and landscapes firsthand. This was his first taste of exploration and it stuck with him ever since.

When he heard about Run Across Congo’s mission, Warren jumped at the chance to join them. He has since become one of their most reliable members; he is always ready for whatever challenge comes their way no matter how difficult or dangerous it may be. Despite this dedication to his work, Warren still finds time to enjoy himself by exploring new places when possible or participating in other outdoor activities like skiing or mountain biking when time permits.

In his free time away from work (and running!), Warren loves spending time with friends and family in addition to reading books about history and science fiction alike. When he’s not out exploring or running marathons across Africa’s toughest terrains, he can usually be found tinkering with gadgets or building models – two hobbies that have been integral parts of his life since childhood!

Warren Wilde is an exceptional person who proves that anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it! With a relentless determination matched only by a genuine love for adventuring, there’s no telling where this man will go next!